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Canada Brand graphics

Graphic Style Guide

For your convenience, we offer the graphics in a variety of formats, colours, layouts and languages. We ask that you please use our graphics as stipulated in the "Canada Brand Graphic Style Guide".

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Graphical elements (international use)

The Canada Brand look has three major graphical elements:

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Colour and file formats

The Canada Brand leaf (vertical format)

The "Canada Brand vertical leaf" is the most important branding element. It builds on Canada's most recognized national symbol, the maple leaf of our flag.

Canada Brand leaf (vertical format) red

Canada Brand leaf (no text) (vertical format) red

Canada Brand leaf (vertical format) black

Canada Brand leaf (no text) (vertical format) black

The Canada Brand leaf (horizontal format)

The "Canada Brand horizontal leaf" is an alternate rendition intended for your use when working with horizontal marketing materials.

Canada Brand Leaf - horizontal - red

Canada Brand Leaf - horizontal - white on red

Canada Brand Leaf - horizontal - black

Canada Brand Leaf - horizontal - transparent

The Canada Brand tagline

The "Canada Brand tag line" communicates the special position that Canada's agri-food industry has adopted to set us apart from our competitors by linking our abundant natural resources to the quality of our products and people. The slogan can be used on all types of marketing and communications materials, even packaging.

Tagline - red/grey

Tagline (English-French) 3 line - red

Tagline (English-French) 4 line - red

Tagline black

Tagline (English-French) 3 line - black

Tagline (English-French) 4 line - black

The Canada Brand ribbon (solid and fade)

The "Canada Brand ribbon" is designed to accent your marketing materials in a graceful manner. The ribbon is another primary graphic element for the Canada brand and made available in both solid and transparent (graduated) formats. Please ensure that the ribbon extends off the page or ends at a defined barrier; they are not intended to end in mid-air.

ribbon - fade - red

ribbon - fade - black

ribbon - solid - red

ribbon -solid - black

Other languages (graphical elements)

Promotional materials and templates

The following material has been created for Canada Brand members to use to help promote and explain the Canada Brand program. They are appropriate for use by both international and domestic members.

Branded meeting and event materials

To help companies and associations reinforce their linkage with Canada, the following templates have been created. There are two categories: One is for industry and association use, there are no government of Canada identifiers included. And the second type category is for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and AAFC co-sponsored events, these include the AAFC signature and Government of Canada Wordmark / Federal Identity Program (FIP). Please choose accordingly.







Name tags

Name tags

Please note: Unlike the previous promotional materials that require you to request higher-resolution versions for commercial printing purposes, these templates are ready for use. Simply click, save, customize and print.

PowerPoint presentation template

PowerPoint presentation template

Table tent card

Table tent card

Please contact us at: if you need (a) other templates, (b) templates in languages other than those listed below or (c) if you're having difficulties saving or using the template files.

The (1) letterhead, (2) invitation, and (3) agenda are available in both international and domestic sizes in the following languages:

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