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Deliver key customer benefits

What distinguishes your product or organization from the competition? The following best practices help to identify your key customer benefits, the features that support them, and the systems that deliver them.

Identify key customer benefits

What customers will get when they buy our particular product, and what value is added when dealing with a Canadian company:

Identify features that help to deliver those benefits

Provide more details from the customer's perspective about how the benefits are passed on.

Example: If the benefit is "healthy," the feature might be that the product has been specially selected for leanness, or contains ingredients shown to raise good cholesterol or lower blood pressure.

The features and benefits can provide some strong themes for a marketing plan, and may be incorporated into messaging and media as well as on product packaging where laws permit.

Identify the necessary systems and infrastructure

The mechanisms built into the organization to consistently produce the features and benefits desired by customers.

Example: scientifically-developed company standards in place to control fat content and monitoring and testing practices in place to verify compliance.

Identify gaps

These are the barriers that hinder the organization from delivering unique or differentiated benefits. They may include:

Attempting to effectively address all gaps can be a daunting and potentially unprofitable venture. But identifying them informs the organization of key gaps that threaten to weaken the brand, and helps to guide business planning and set operational priorities.

Test (objective research)

The organization should perform objective research to determine its ability to deliver specific benefits consistently across the organization and in comparison to competitors. This research will determine whether the organization is focusing on the right things, which will provide the basis for:

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