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Apply the Canada Brand

More than just a graphic

The Canada Brand is much more than just a leaf, ribbon, and tagline; it's a set of qualities that customers expect to receive from all things Canadian!

Every customer interaction will either build or detract from the brand, so it's important to verify that you can deliver on the Canada Brand attributes and your own specific brand promise, and identify areas where you can improve.

Before you learn how to make the brand your own let's define some of the terminology that we will be making use of throughout the following sections.

For the purpose of this discussion...

This is a fairly comprehensive section but an important one as it will help you learn how to make the brand your own and apply it throughout all the facets of your organization.

The Canada Brand attributes

The Canada Brand promise is built around a set of core attributes that we know our customers want, that fit their impressions of Canada, and reflect what Canada's food and agriculture sector wants to be known for. By incorporating these attributes into every facet of your organization the Canadian food and agriculture sector will build a strong, unified image.

The Canada Brand proof points

The Canada Brand proof points are:

Applying the Canada Brand attributes to your proof points

We have established what the Canada Brand attributes are as well as the related proof points. Now what you need to do is link the Canada Brand attributes to your organizations own unique set of proof points. (Please note that your unique selection of proof points may vary well link to more than just one of the Canada Brand attributes... As is the case with the Canada Brand proof points)

So what are your proof points that are related to the Canada Brand attributes?

For example:

Consider your operation's own touch-points

Now we move on to touch-points. Remember, touch-points would be any actual interaction the consumer has with your business in any way. So take an inventory of all the places where your customers have a chance to interact with the brand… this will provide you with your own unique set of brand touch-points.

Some examples of key touch-points:

Determine whether your touch-points are in line with the Canada Brand attributes

How are quality and excellence being demonstrated?

How is commitment demonstrated?

How is focus on the customer demonstrated?

What about the trust factor?

Bring your touch-points in line with the Canada Brand

Are there production and distribution protocols and service standards in place to help you consistently leave a positive impression with customers?

Recognizing that all parts of an organization have an impact on its brand, regardless of their job function:

Know your partners and involve them in delivering the Canada Brand

As key players in delivering to the end customer, partners need to understand the Canada Brand Philosophy, and understand the importance of living up to it.

Look for opportunities to co-brand – joining forces with a partner to jointly promote Canadian qualities and content in a product. (For example, joint advertising and promotion, package labels stating "contains quality Canadian ingredients").

Segment and position with an export marketing plan

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